RMA Power Supply

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Hi Infoblox Community,


I had some issues with my PDU, and one of the power supplies from my infoblox appliance got off, but when my PDU was replaced and the power supply from my infoblox appliance was re-connected to it, the power supply did not got up.

I tried changing the cables, connecting the power supply to another PDU, but it did not got up.

I fond that before requesting an RMA I have to do the following:

In very rare instances, the power cable may vibrate loose from the power supply. Therefore, we strongly suggest  that remote staff attempt to re-connect the  power cable and cycle the power switch.

Does it mean that I have to reboot my infoblox appliance?


Re: RMA Power Supply

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What type of appiance you have? I have never heard of having to cycle power of an appliance to get a PSU back. If it's a 140x, just unplug the power, re-seat the PSU and apply power again. If it does not come back I think you should RMA it.

Re: RMA Power Supply

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The RMA was requested,


Thanks for the coments.

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