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Re: AWS Infoblox Test Drive

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I have performed vDiscovery in the test drive however it didn’t work.

If I set “default” as network view, I can see error message from syslog “Overlapped VPCs encountered with direct network view mapping option, entire discovered dataset discarded. (Overlapping within discovered dataset)”.

However when I have selected “the tenant’s network view” it worked.
But then I can’t create the record for the discovered instance as it is in different network view.


Anyone has idea?





Re: AWS Infoblox Test Drive

TTiscareno Community Manager
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The Infoblox AWS test drive feature uses a shared environment and different VPC's with overlapping IP space has been added. Steps will be taken in the future to clean this up but in the meantime, using a separate Network view and essentially disabling the default Network and DNS Views will allow the vDiscovery task to complete successfully.

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