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Record:host WAPI prerequisites

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Hi there!


First of all, thanks for answering my last question so adequately.  I, however, have another:


We know (through using VM ware with a temporary license) that the WAPI method of extracting hosts from the Infoblox database (record:host) should work. However, trying this on our production Infoblox setup, we are getting https errors using -> "https://<Infoblox ip>/wapi/v1.7.1/record:host".


Could you let us know if there are any prerequisites for using WAPI in extracting all hosts from the Infoblox database? Ofcourse we are aware that the user extracting the hosts using this WAPI URL should have the API box checked in their role and that they should receive "All Hosts" permissions in "IPAM permissions".


What are we missing / what could this be?


Kind regards,

Guus Kuipers

Re: Record:host WAPI prerequisites

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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you are probably just timing out.


Don't try and get 'all the hosts', that will just hammer the database and take a while if you have a lot of records.


Instead, make a search for the specific record that you want, (or a significant enough regex search)

Re: Record:host WAPI prerequisites

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Thanks for the answer, that could explain a lot!


We, however, "need" all the hosts extracted in some way. Would there be a quick way to cut up the WAPI command so that it extracts all the necessary data in bits?

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