Resource allocation for TE-V820-NS1GRID virtual appliance

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Hi there,


I am being asked to host a TE-V820-NS1GRID virtual appliance for a customer, but I'm unable to fund details of the VPU, RAM, vNIC and Storage requirements for the appliance (which is how we estimate the hosting costs).


Could someone give some guidence?


Many thanks!

Re: Resource allocation for TE-V820-NS1GRID virtual appliance

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The TE-V820-NS1GRID requires the following resources:


3GHz CPU (2 cores)


160 GB or 55 GB storage (depending on role of the appliance GM/GMC or services only)

(4) vNICs - although only 1 interface may be leveraged


The OVA contains the template to provision all of the necessary resources.


You can find the full details and specs in the NIOS release notes as well.


Hope that helps!

Steve S.
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