SAN in SSL Certificate

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I haven't found a recent article about this, so I figured I'd ask again.  Is it possible to generate a CSR with Infoblox for HTTPS that contains a SAN in addition to the CN?  Browsers now require that the domain be in the SAN, otherwise they generate a warning.  I'd also like to have additional domains in the CN.


I'm using v7.3.17 and it doesn't have a field for the SAN when generating the CSR, so it doesn't appear this is possible (on this version at least).  



Re: SAN in SSL Certificate

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This feature is still not available in any of the current NIOS releases. However you can expect this to be implemented before mid next year(tentative).



Re: SAN in SSL Certificate

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I also want to use SAN objects in NIOS. At the moment I use NIOS 8.0.4.

Do you have created a RFE?

Re: SAN in SSL Certificate

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Hello There,


Yes, this is internally identified as RFE-1256.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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