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Scheduling Multiple Discoveries

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We are going to be migrating to a new AD forest soon and want to run some discoveries on our subnets. The problem is we have 100s of subnets and i cant find if these discoveries are done sequentially or just 1 big burst.


I wanted to schedule a few subnets at a time as to not bring down the network but apparently you can only have 1 schedule at a time. Is there any workaround? Id like to schedule a few subnets every few hours throughout the night.





Re: Scheduling Multiple Discoveries

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Community Manager
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Hi Austin,


The discoveries would be done sequentially. However, the database is locked while certain updates are being done so that can cause the GUI to appear slow if a large number of discoveries are setup in a way in which the system is constantly doing updates. However, that would only be an issue when large numbers of updates are being repeatedly processed. If no changes are 'discovereed', then no updates would be made and that would not be an issue.




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