Send DHCP option 12 from dnsname variable?

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Hi all!


I am trying to send hostname to a say network printer through dhcp option 12 in a way that doesnt require me to type it manually. I want it to be generated from the DNS name since it has an entry there. Is there a variable in the gui for this or is scripting needed?



custom dhcp option

host-name (12) string = VARIABLE?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Send DHCP option 12 from dnsname variable?

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Hi Johan,


If I follow you correctly, you would like to send a printer a hostname based on a DNS record that already exists for that device?


There is not a variable in the UI or method that I am aware of to accomplish this. You would likely need to leverage a script and update the parameters after the fact.


What might help you is to leverage a host object rather than a DNS record for the printer. The host object allows you to specify the DNS name as well as enable for DHCP based on the device's MAC address. You can also convert an existing DHCP lease into a host object if necessary. This may give you the control you are looking for and maintain an associating between the device and DNS records (host records).

Steve S.
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