Set a custom SOA MNAME per member different from Grid Hostname

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Hello Community,


I'm new her and i'm in charge of medium size DNS Architecture project using Infoblox.


I'm looking for a solution to force DNS Members to use a manually set MNAME (SOA) in place of the hostname (wich is private and not relevant in this case for DNS service).


It's possible to manually modify SOA MNAME after zone creation but I would prefer not to add steps in our creation process.


ALso, I'm not able to import CSV properly with a custom MNAME (thousands of zones) :


"""Line 2: cannot find one.virtual_node by host_name=""""""",


Can you help me there ?


Best regard


Re: Set a custom SOA MNAME per member different from Grid Hostname

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Setting custom MNAMEs for members is not possible with the current features available in NIOS. If you would like to request this as a feature enhancement, support can help you with creating the feature request and your account team can interface with Product Management regarding the request.


As for the CSV import issue, this will require troubleshooting with a copy of your database and the CSV file. Hence, I would suggest opening a support ticket.




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