Smart Folders - Display Comment not Network

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So I am getting into my OCD mode when it comes to organizing things within our environment and was wondering if this is possible.


When I create a smart folder for say all of our warehouses, I would like to create a smart folder that will show me all of our client a warehouses, client b warehouses and ours.  However, when I create a CLIENT A folder, on the Smart Folders tab on the left, I would like it to display the Comment description and not the network.


Looking at all of our Client A warehouses by ipaddress really isn't solving anything and impossible to have all of the memorized.


In the below screenshot, instead of IP address, I want the comment and then takes me to that object.




Re: Smart Folders - Display Comment not Network

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What your OCD mode wants is possible, but you need to use a slightly different methodology. This is exactly what Smart Folders are designed to do for you, by the way!


What you will need to do is assign additional extensible attributes to your warehouse networks. Essentially for the data have in comments you will create additional attributes such as warehouse name/type (client a, b, etc). 


Now if you have these attributes assigned to each of the appropriate networks you can edit your Smart Folder and enable the option to 'group results' and then group by one of the extensible attributes. This will allow you create a hierarchy with the Smart Folder and you can create multiple levels based on the groupings. So long as one of the groupings uses an attribute that contains the data you are looking for in the comments you can then use a Smart Folder that allows you to drill into SupplyChain->WarehouseA->Wireless->  ... for example.



Steve S.

Re: Smart Folders - Display Comment not Network

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Interesting, I'd like to know if that helped the original poster or if they really do want to completely "switch off" the display of IP addresses - I can understand the requirement to do this for non-technical users, you want to present the data to them in terms they are familiar with, not confuse them with IP address info. This could become ever more important in an IPv6 environment.

Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

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