Source member for zone transfer requests in Grid

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When I import a zone from an external name server, the zone transfer request is sent from the Grid master. Is it possible to have the zone transfer request sent from another member of the grid?

The Grid master is a hidden primary and I want the traffic sourced from one of the externally visible members instead.






Re: Source member for zone transfer requests in Grid

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Hi Björn,


The integrated zone import via zone transfer does require the Grid Master to issue the zone transfer request as the zone data is then being pulled directly into the Grid database. 


An alternative method may be to leverage the Data Import Wizard ( which would allow you to import a zone to the workstation you are running the Wizard on and then generate a CSV for import or import directly into the Infoblox Grid. This still would not leverage another Grid member such as one of your external facing members, but is another option.


I hope that helps!


Steve S.
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