Synchronizing User for ID Mapping

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Hi Team,


We have configured DHCP on Infoblox. Now customer want to populate User behind IP address which as per my understanding we can do using ID mapping. 


We dont have Microsoft License. 

For ID mapping we have done following configuration in Grid Properties:

1) Enabled 'Enable Network Users Feature' under Gride Properties > General > Advanced

2) Enabled 'Synchronize Network Users with all MS servers' Under Gride Properties > Microsoft Integration > Network Users


I'm confused with which setting I have to enable while adding Microsoft Server to pull user details for ID Mapping. 











Re: Synchronizing User for ID Mapping

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Hi Sachin,


Steps 1 and 2 is actually all you need to do; but, something seems to be wrong here because the 'Network Users' sidetab is missing.


Network Users.png


If this is still not working for you, could you try disabling and then enabling Steps 1 and 2 once again?

Additionally, this feature only supports Active Directory domains whose domain controller is running Windows 2008 server, Windows 2008 R2 server, Windows 2012 server, Windows 2012 R2 server, or Windows 2016 server.

The AD user-account configured for this sync must be part of "Event Log Readers" and "Performance Monitor Users" group.


Best Regards,

Bibin Thomas

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