TXT Records are not registering

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I am trying to migrate a VLAN from Windows to IB for both DNS and DHCP.  The PTR records are hosted on InfoBlox and the A-records are still on Windows along with the TX records.

Some machines register correctly in that we see the PTR record in IB and the TX and A-record in Windows.


Does anyone have any knowledge on why this would be happening.  I cannot see any options set at the grid or Scope level.



Re: TXT Records are not registering

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If I understand correctly, IB is authoritative DHCP and DNS for a VLAN. While IB-DHCP is providing leases to clients, their A+TXT records are registered in MS DNS and PTR in IB-DNS.

Is your requirement such that, all the DNS records be registered in IB-DNS?
Do you have an authoritive forward mapping DNS zone in IB where A+TXT records can be registered?
When you edit the network/range(scope) in question and review its DDNS settings, do you have the IB-DNS authoritative forward mapping zone configured there? 

Problem could be:
If you navigate to "Data Management-->Configure DDNS-->DNS Updates to External Zones", do you find the forward mapping zone in question and the MS DNS server IP configured there by any chance?


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Bibin Thomas

Re: TXT Records are not registering

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If you want the Infoblox DHCP server to update A and TXT records on a MS DNS server, you should configure the MS DNS server to allow unsecure + secure updates for this DNS zone. 

Re: TXT Records are not registering

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I would like to know about adding a _dmarc record for subzone .




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