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Test upgrade button not available

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After uploading 7.3.15-356391 (upgrading from 7.3.13-352716) and distributing to all devices successfully the "Test" button is greyed out like the "Distribute" button.  I have logged out and refreshed several times and the button is still not available.  I did not see an issue in the release notes. Is this a known issue?

Re: Test upgrade button not available

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My understanding is that the "Test Upgrade" function is intended only for cases when there is a change to the schema of the Infoblox database between the release you're upgrading from and the release you're updating to. If there is no such schema change (as would normally be the case if you're just upgrading from one patch release to another within a given minor release like 7.3) then the "Test Upgrade" function is not needed and is not available.


Re: Test upgrade button not available

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I raised a case at Infoblox on exactly that. The answer is as FHecker descibes, that only change's in the database makes "test" possible.

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