The Cache HIt Ratio in the Dashboard is in contrast of the figures calculated

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One of the clients has calculated the Cache hit ratio to be around 5% while the CHR graph on the Infoblox DDI appliance suggests 90%. His calculation formula does not look right to me. Please have a look.

(  calculated the cache hit ratio and QPS from available statistics in sys log and with the help of shared formula.


And found cache hit ratio is near about only 5% while in system generated graph all the time it shows near about 90%, Please find the attached snap shot for your reference.


AND also QPS is near about 500/sec.)


Here is for your information.


Appliance logs a statistics message per recursive view every 5 minutes. A sample log snippet:

2012-12-11T14:45:42+01:00 daemon (none) named[5367]: info Recursion cache view "_default": size = 78792936, hits = 324428822, misses = 267529683
2012-12-11T14:50:42+01:00 daemon (none) named[5367]: info Recursion cache view "_default": size = 78759408, hits = 324429493, misses = 267624339

Delta hits : 324429493-324428822 = 671
Delta misses : 267624339-267529683 = 94656
Total CHR (Cache Hit Ratio) in last 300 seconds is: 671/(671+94656) * 100 = .70

The QPS would be = (Delta Misses + Delta Hits)/ Delta Time

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Wasfi, can you re-upload the

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Wasfi, can you re-upload the images, or send them to and I'll upload.  Will work toward getting you a response.



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