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The time of discovery | DDI - NetMri - VlanID - Synchronize

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Sorry for my bad english but I'm lost.


1- I would like to know the time of discovery for the NetMri.

  How could I know about it?


2- Futhermore, I had a problem with NetMri : 

  I synchronized my NetMri with my DDI in "NIOS IPAM Synch" in the NetMri settings "Setup".

  Now, I would like that my IPAM could determine the Vlan ID for each subnet. But I have a missmatch Vlan ID for some IP address, while other are correct.


  The NetMRI informations are correct but on IPAM, for some them IP address,  I have a subnet ID that different than the subnet ID that I can to find in the NetMRI

  For example, for an IP address in the NetMRI, I can see that the Vlan ID is 1007 but for the same IP in IPAM I can see  that the Vlan ID is 1200 or 1500. Only for some them, I have the right ID.

  Why for a computer, I have all the informations even the correct subnet ID, but for other I have a bad ID and nothing else in terms of information on this device.



Re: The time of discovery | DDI - NetMri - VlanID - Synchronize

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This needs closer analysis. I would suggest opening a support case, so that support can collect and review the needed information and take this further

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