Trinzic 4010 not starting

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Hi Experts,


I got a new Trinzic 4010 but it stuck at /etc/rc.d/rc3: starting product...


After that it shows press Esc and Enter for emergency prompt


I pressed but nothing happen ,

it comes to login prompt but no access on login prompt...


i can not give username and password on the prompt..


Plz suggest if any other process to get access , LAN1 ip is also not working..

Re: Trinzic 4010 not starting

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One possibility is that you are not waiting long enough for the system to finish booting up. The 4010 can take a while to fully boot up, try giving it 10-20 minutes just in case.


Under normal working conditions, you will not want to enter into the emergency prompt as you only have a limited set of commands available to you and this interrupts the boot process. If you have entered the emergency prompt, you can type "exit" and then press enter to allow the system to continue to booting up after going into the emergency prompt.


If you continue to see any issues or have any further concerns, definitely reach out to Infoblox Support so that they can help you remedy whatever issue you might be facing.


Thank you,


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