Unable to add a DKIM record !!!

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I'm trying to add a DKIM record in our infoblox appliance for a zone we are authoritative for, but although it gets added, I cannot verify it.

Per the docs, a dkim record is just a txt record so here's what I have tried:

1. In the relevant zone under DNS tab I choose the "+" to add a txt record

2. In the name field I typed: squad_14a2a3 and in the text field I entered: "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MJF----QCD"

(I have also tried in the text field: "k=rsa; p=MJF----QCD" so starting from 'k' instead of 'v')

(I've changed the values slightly for privacy and snipped the 'p' value due to length).

In order to verify, I've tried a couple of online

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