Unable to serve DHCP range

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I'm new to infoblox and I am trying to set it up as a basic DHCP server.  I'm using the TE-825 VM image with vSphere.  I installed the licenses for DHCP and DNS and configured networking, but when I try to add a DHCP range to any network that I create the only options for "Served by" are "None" or "Failover".  The "Server" option is disable.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Re: Unable to serve DHCP range

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Hello There,


You probably missed to assign a member at the network level. To verify go to :


Data Management -> DHCP -> Networks -> Networks -> Select the network in concern -> Edit -> ‘Member Assignment’ -> Ensure that you have added the desired ‘Member/Server’ here.


After this, you should be able to select those server at the range level too. Let us know if that’s already done.



Mohammed Alman.

Re: Unable to serve DHCP range

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Don't forget to assing the DHCP range to the same member

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