Viewable Subnets within IPAM

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I have an additional question - and that is, if the Superuser, created an Administrative Group called Server Admins, and allows them R/W access to View, Search, Create, and Edit particular subnets within IPAM, and then Denies all other, will the Personeel within the Server Admin Group be able to view anything other than the subnets that are within thier jurisdiction of the IPAM/DHCP Tab???  - Thank you in advance - Mark

Re: Viewable Subnets within IPAM

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No, they will only be able to see the Networks, etc.. you have given them rights to view, etc...


Re: Viewable Subnets within IPAM

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Take note also if you give permissions to a top level network (container), from memory all lower level subnets inherit the permissions of the top level so you may want to check that.

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