WAPI query to DHCP leased hostname

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Hi all,


I am playing around with the WAPI and I was trying to get the following scenario:


for my low environments I want to assign IPs by DHCP so I don't have to worry about giving any specific IP, but I would like to find through a python script and WAPI the IP that it was assigned by looking for a hostname that would be the argument. 


while I saw this possibility when having host records (DNS) I haven't found any way to do it with DHCP leased  hosts. Also, another question would be how could those leased hosts be converted into host records and whether it makes sense. 


thanks a lot!


Re: WAPI query to DHCP leased hostname

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Hi Ramon,


1) Get the lease by client hostname:




"_ref": "lease/ZG5zLmxlYXNlJDAvMTAuMTI4LjMzLjExLzAv:",
"binding_state": "FREE",
"client_hostname": "Air-de-Nicolas",
"hardware": "a8:20:66:01:c9:3c"


2) Creating a host

it allow to always return the same IP address.


raw body:








Capture d’écran 2017-07-06 à 13.14.57.png





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Re: WAPI query to DHCP leased hostname

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that worked for me, thanks Nicolas!

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