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Warning 1420 Nios 8.0.1-343895 Dont upgrade

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We have had way to many issues with our 1420 environment consisting of 4 boxes (HA pair of Gridmanager/Ipam/DNS and HA pair of Dhcp).

When we ran on our old 1020 setup (also HA pair like above) everything was rock-solid.

Recently we tried updating from 8.0 and during the process the Gridmaster - out of the blue- said 'Grid member offline' and cancelled the upgrade. After this 1/2 of the 4 boxes (the Gridmaster/Ipam/DNs was running Nios 8.0.1 and the Dhcp was still running 8.0  

Fortunatelty the Dhcp service for 20.000+ users still was up, but it was a horrible 24 hours until our provider helped med get the boxes back up.  I have been very dissapointed with Infoblox, durring the latest year. Also our VERY-expensive 4000 - NetMri keeps failing, and seems like a very imature product considering the pricing...


/Jan Vejling



Re: Warning 1420 Nios 8.0.1-343895 Dont upgrade

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I performed an upgrade to 8.0.1 recently, the GM/GMC were TE-1420's with a mixture of TE-1410 & PT-1400 members - we didn't have any issues at all.


Do you know what was the root cause of your issues?


Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

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