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What are you using for IP address management (IPAM)?

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I'm looking to replace our existing IP management setup, which (unfortunately) consists entirely of hand editing zone files. I'm trying to set up automated provisioning, so the old way needs to go.

My goal is to use an API to fetch the next free IP for a network, then add forward and reverse DNS entries for that IP. A system that integrates with our existing BIND infrastructure would be great, because then I don't have to rebuild a pile of servers. I'd need CLI tools, as well. LDAP group authentication support would be a nice to have.

What are you using? Are you happy with it? Anything I should absolutely stay away from?



Re: What are you using for IP address management (IPAM)?

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Well, you did ask this on the Infoblox community forum, so have you considered replacing your "pile of servers" with Infoblox appliances?  Then you can be out of the business of editing BIND files forever!!!  I'm not sure why any enterprise would not consider Infoblox for their DDI needs!  I have used Infoblox for 10 years now.  It's a solid platform!

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