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adding a name PTR

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what's the trick to adding a record like this:  PTR


throught he gui?


keep getting "Invalid IP address or name." when i enter this part in the name field: lb._dns-sd._udp.0.0




Re: adding a name PTR

Moderator syam
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Hi Slava,


From the example given, it doesn't look like a standard reverse mapping zone/PTR record.  I believe you are trying to create an RFC2317 prefix zone and corresponding records. If so the below KB would be helpful. 




Re: adding a name PTR

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Syam, thank you.


This record is required for airprint service discovery. There is a high level description of this technique in rfc6763 (section 11). The zone in my case is "" and what I'm looking to do is add a ptr for the subnet IP ( in my case) with a few extra characters to the left and point it to a domain name.


The RR would be: PTR


which as far as I understand is a legitimate name. Bind let's me add it to the zone and I was hoping to do the same in infoblox (nios 8.0.7) since that's where this zone lives in our case. Here is bind responding with that record:


; <<>> DiG 9.10.3-P4-Ubuntu <<>> @localhost ptr +noall +answer
; (2 servers found)
;; global options: +cmd 300 IN PTR


any ideas how I might do this?

Re: adding a name PTR

AMani Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi veaceslav,


Did some further testing and research and found that currently NIOS does not support DNS-SD. We already have a feature request RFE-3873 for supporting DNS-SD. Please contact your Account Team to prioritize this feature request.



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