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Hello guys,


I have a question regarding the forwarding logs.

We are planning to change the IP of our Infoblox server.

This server is used by many other servers as a forwarder.


How is it possible to have the exact list of the servers that forwards to this server in order to modify the IP of the forwarder parameter and thus avoid the disconnection.


Example : server1, server2...., serverN (N unknown) forwards to serverX.

we need to change the IP address of serverX

how to know the N servers ???



Thank you ^^

Re: appliance forward log

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If you enable query logging you can see who is querying the DNS server

Re: appliance forward log

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Where do we see the results?

The logs I mean



Re: appliance forward log

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Hi yol,


To view the logs you can navigate to Administration >> logs >> Syslogs and select the DNS Server in question from the dropdown.




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