dns acceleration usage high

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Hi All,

I work for a telecommunications company, and we was using 6.12.16 version on our DNS server. After upgrading to 7.3.4 began to appear the alarm dns acceleration usage high. In the past, CPU processing was between 20-30% and now this is between 50-65%.
We have a opened case in Infoblox support, and was informed that this alarm is not common in our appliances PT 1400. Someone of you have come across an identical problem and how do you solved it?
Any opinion will be very appreciate. if the% CPU processing continue to grow at this rate here the two months we run the risk of reaching 80-95%, and we do not know what to do to reverse this situation.



Paulo Fragoso

Re: dns acceleration usage high

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Hi Paulo,


Have you tried doing a "show process log all" ? What are the processes that are impacted?

(the log will allow you to write the output in the file /infoblox/var/process.log in the support bundle).


I assume that the support will have asked for you about it by now...





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