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We have bought 4 4020 infoblox physical appliance. now question is how do i console the that device to configure management interface.? can you guys also send me the cable information to console the device?


can you guys also attach the picture of the console cable for the infoblox device?

can you guys also give some information to connect infoblox device to the console switch so we can get console connectivity whenevr we want?


Thank you


Re: dns console

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The management interface is generally configured through the Grid Manager GUI via a web browser but you can  use the CLI command "set interface mgmt" to enable and configure it.


You can find details on the serial console connection in the Installation Guide for your appliance (available in the Tech Docs section on the Infoblox Support site- Look for the section titled "Connector Pin Assignments". In general, you would use a standard null modem cable when using a serial cable.


You can also find details on using RJ-45 to DB-9 adapters and connection settings in the installation guide.

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