error : non-db object

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Hello evey one

when trying to delete a PTR record I recived the following error:

DBArgumentError: non-db objects do not support db operations

File "ibapapac", line 215, in handlesoapc all

File "", line 480 in execute

File "", line 447, in_exec_handler

File "objc",line 2017, in execute

File "", line 2297, in delete

File "", line 64, in__getattr__


Appreciate your help


Re: error : non-db object

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This may point to an issue with the data in your database and is probably an issue that should be raised with Infoblox Support to get assistance with.


In troubleshooting this, you may want to do the following:


  1. Enable debug logging on your Grid Master by connecting to its command line interface and running the command "set debug all on".
  2. Wait a minute or two and then reproduce the issue.
  3. Disable debug logging by running the command "set debug all off".
  4. Download a Support Bundle from your Grid Master (with current logs).
  5. Download a database backup.


You would want to then provide the Support Bundle, database backup, along with details on the record that you are trying to delete which is giving you the error to Infoblox Support. They should be able to take this data and help identify why you are seeing this error

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