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how to show subnets at 100%?

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I'm looking for a way to show that subnets that we assign to customers are 100% used.  These are not IPs that will ever be in DNS or DHCP, and because they're customer IPs, we can't exactly say what they're used for.  


Is there a way to show a block at 100% without assigning the individual IPs?  (We don't even care if we can see the individual IPs on these.)




Re: how to show subnets at 100%?

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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Use a container (parent) network and create subnets under it.


When we calcaluate IPAM usage for a container network, we just look at the subnets, no the the addresses.


So a /16 with a /17 created under it will report 50% usage.

Re: how to show subnets at 100%?

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So for each subnet that's assigned, I need to create a container instead of a network?  I'm not doubting...just checking before I change hundreds of them. Smiley Happy

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