iPXE Chain Loading

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I'm trying to figure out how to enable iPXE chainloading as outlined here:


Here's the logic:

  option client-arch code 93 = unsigned integer 16;
  if option client-arch != 0 {
     filename "ipxe.efi";
  } else {
     filename "undionly.kpxe";
  next-server X.X.X.X;

The short of it is, in ISC based solutions, passing options to ISC like this is usually possible but I can't find it. 


If someone could explain to me how it's done or point me to the correct documentation, I would appreciate it.




Re: iPXE Chain Loading

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No guarantees, but contact support and ask them for instructions on how to gain access to DHCP expert mode whereby you can essentially manipulate your own dhcpd.conf file.

Re: iPXE Chain Loading

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You can also use DHCP option filters (it's in the admin guide, Chapter 31 Configuring IPv4 DHCP Filters, under the section 'About Option Filters')


you can't do if/else logic directly, but you can just create the == and != filters as 2 different rules.


I now the answers is a bit RTFM, but the guide will give you the overview of how to set it all up (there are a few steps)

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