is Infoblox support split horizon ?? if yes how ?

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Hi Friends,


is Infoblox supports split horizon ?? 


I couldn't enable zone transfer of 4 different views from BIND DNS master to single IB member (slave).



I have called IB support, they said IB don't have provision to get zone-transfer for 4 views in single member. They asked us to configure each view in each member ??? really ?


in current environment, we have 16 slave servers and 1 hidden master. So, we may need to buy 17*4 appliances ?!


 Current topology,


BIND DNS Master                                                                          IB DNS Member                                                                          

Views: USA,China,India,DR                                                            Views: USA,China,India,DR


whereas, zone-transfer sends only USA views data for all 4 views in IB DNS Master.


how to over come this ?


Re: is Infoblox support split horizon ?? if yes how ?

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it can be done with a BIND master, but you will need to use TSIG keys for the zones


The BIND server still needs a way to determine a request for USA/my.doman is different than a request for CHINA/my.domain. the TSIG key will let you do that.


And you won't get much in the way of real time updates of the zones. When the BINS server sends notify mesages, the same problem applies, the secondary can't tell which view the notify came from.


You may want to consider moving the BIND master to infoblox, and then those problems go away.

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