set reporting reset license

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Hi all


I dont have any posibility to test this quickly; does anybody know if runnign the "set reporting_reset_license" will reboot the device or disconect from the grid the reporting member? Also will I loose any of the reporting data with this ?

Re: set reporting reset license

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Hello again,


1. Will it reboot the device - NO
2. Will it disconnect from the grid - NO

3. Will I loose any of the reporting data - NO


Applying the reset-license may just automatically restart the Indexer splunk daemon and should be up again in a minute or so and it shouldn't involve any service impacts. When splunkd is down (restarting) for the time mentioned above, users will not be able to use the reporting tab. Having said that, it does not make any difference because if you are applying a reset license, it must be because you have already lost search access inside reporting.


However, after applying the reset license, you may have to manually perform a reboot of the reporting appliance (from CLI | GUI) - As adviced by Infoblox Support.


Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

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