tcpdump -w && SCP

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I have an issue where i would like to run tcpdump to capture specific information from the Infoblox platform.


I know i can use tcpdump, but i want to be able to write the info to a *.pcap and i want to download it.


> not able to write the file 


Expert Mode > tcpdump -c 2 -i bond0 -w infoCapture.pcap
option 'w' not allowed in tcpdump


> not able to use scp 


Expert Mode > scp
unknown command 'scp'
type 'help' for more information

So, i can just run a packet capture from the GUI, but i potentially want the capture running for 20 minutes, there is just too much traffic for that.


Any suggestion would be appreciated 

Re: tcpdump -w && SCP

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The Expert Mode in CLI currently allows certain commands and options. Able to capture specific traffic and write to a file will be a good option. You can contact Infoblox support to create a feature request to enable this option in the future release.


As the Expert Mode is limited to certain commands, the SCP command is also currently not available through CLI. This can also be included in your request to support to create a feature request.

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