unable to remove temp license

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I seem to be able to remove all licenses except vNIOS and Grid. They show up like this:

Infoblox > show license
Version : 7.3.6-335725
Hardware ID : 421dfc071ed2f25527987a691f86fe80

License Type : vNIOS (model IB-VM-820)
Expiration Date : Deleted
License String : GAAAAFHEkxCguXoP9TFC2VlL+WWqmkyVXJg56w==

License Type : Grid
Expiration Date : Deleted
License String : GAAAAELEjhqhtTkatygP0RJK+WW3n07NX89s6A==


I'm trying to replace them with other licenses, but it's calling a conflict and now allowing. What's the proper procedure?

Re: unable to remove temp license

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If you perform a “reset all licenses” you will go back to a completely default system (default IP, etc). You can then reconfigure the appliance with the new licenses. You will lose the data on the system but if you’re rejoining a Grid, you’ll get it all back.

Re: unable to remove temp license

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The only way I found is to issue the following command:

> reset all licenses


Please note that this command will also reset your network settings.  So you may need to be consoled into the appliance to reconfigure your network settings.





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