used ip but nothing is associated with it

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I can see one IP in IPAM is used. But I could not find anything assoicated, like host, IPv4 reservation, A record ..... Nothing.


I am wondering if this is a bug or not. Anything else I am missing checking?








Re: used ip but nothing is associated with it

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Is it within a DHCP range?   I had some confusion with this when I first started looking at DHCP subnets in the IPAM tool.

All IP's within the DHCP range show a status of "Used" in IPAM.  They are used in the fact that they are assigned to the DHCP range.   If you look at the IP in the DHCP tab, the IP has a DHCP status of "free".  So it has nothing assigned to it from a DHCP \ DNS \ "pingable" view, but from a strictly IPAM view it is used as it is part of a DHCP range.

I struggled with this difference when we first started and have kind of just accepted it now even though I'm not sure I quite agree with the design.

The other oddity is with DHCP exclusion and reserved ranges.   There is a difference in IPAM between setting up a /24 DHCP range to be 1-254 and excluding the first 5 IPs vs setting the range to be 6-254 with no exclusion range.   What IPs get handed via DHCP is the same in both cases.  However, different GUI views and different API calls treat the first 5 IP's differently.    If you are consistent on how you set this up, it makes future automation, monitoring and metrics much easier.

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