using Extensible Attributes vs visibility in the GUI

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I'd like to make more use of Extensible Attributes but in order for them to be useful with the GUI I have to get each of our admins (about 30) to individually modify the GUI table column selections for their login.  I'm wishing that there was a way to modify these selections for all users so that I don't have to get all admins to make a manual change every time I want to use EAs in a different way.


According to support there isn't a way to change this other than the manual approach.


I'm curious whether this is something that others would consider valuable.


It seems to me that it is a fairly big impediment to keeping the GUI useful to admins if you're making any non-trivial use of EAs that doesn't strictly involve API integration.


In our case, we overloaded the Comment for Network objects back before user-defined EAs were available.  I'd like to move the information into multiple EAs, but don't want it to disappear from the GUI and don't want to have to hand-hold admins to keep their GUI view useful.

Re: using Extensible Attributes vs visibility in the GUI

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It's certainly not ideal, I don't think there's a way to automatically set up each admin's GUI views (columns that appear) other than to go in manually and set it up.


On the flipside, you need do this only once and that view is saved per user from then on. Some customers in the past have come up with a set of work instructions so that new GUI admins set it up when first logging in, and honestly it takes no more than 5 mins.


Probably not the answer you're looking for, but I've also gotten this question from many of my customers as well. Given this, I'm going to submit a RFE to see if we can set the GUI views based on the Group or Role and see what happens.

Re: using Extensible Attributes vs visibility in the GUI

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Same here,  voted for the RFE



Re: using Extensible Attributes vs visibility in the GUI

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Exactly my point. How can I access the RFE to add our vote to it?


Maybe Infoblox could use 'templates' that users can choose from (and select their default). This should not be so hard to implement. Our customers installation requires some EA's, but we rather not bother all users with an installation guideline, just to access what they think is 'normal' required to see.

As this topic has started quite a few years ago, I don't see too much short term solution being made.

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