vNIOS grid temp license in 8.2.4

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Hi All,


I am trying to use vNIOS to duplicate our Infoblox production environment. When I download the NIOS trial, I get both images, the ova and qcow2 for VMware and KVM deployment. What I don’t understand is why after successfully installing and running the vNIOS OS, and I try activating the temp license, I do not get option 8 to activate the vNIOS grid, I only see the option (4) to activate the NIOS grid license. The problem is that when I try to join a member to the grid master, I am unable to. In the KVM/VMware Install guide, it says you need the vNIOS grid license for this to work.


I previously had vNIOS 8.1 which gave me option 8 to activate vNIOS grid license, but now Infoblox provides version  8.2.4 and for some reason I don’t see the vNIOS grid option 8 (only NIOS grid option 4). Your help is appreciated.


Re: vNIOS grid temp license in 8.2.4

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Hello There,


I am hoping that you’ve deployed an SOT image in which you just need the NIOS license instead of a vNIOS license. Try applying the same instead of vNIOS & see if you are able to join the appliance to the Grid. All other requisites should be the same.


Let me know how that goes. If that doesn’t work, please give me the exact name of the file which you’ve used for deployment & the error which you encounter. I’ll then walk you through the next steps.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

Re: vNIOS grid temp license in 8.2.4

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To add to this- the (v)NIOS and Grid licenses are two different licenses. To clarify- the vNIOS license is for older Trinzic model appliances (where the model number for the appliance will end in 0), whereas the NIOS license will be for the newer Trinzic model appliances which end with a 5.


The vNIOS or NIOS licenses are required to enable the appliance to start, while the Grid license is required when you want to join the appliance to a Grid. When joining an appliance to a Grid, verify that you have already set it up in the Grid you are joining it to before trying to join it in. If it has not been added in the Grid and you try to join it, the join attempt will be refused.


We do have a deployment guide for deploying these appliances within AWS. The same steps would apply for other platforms so you may find it helpful to review this for steps on joining an appliance to an existing Grid.


Skip ahead to page 17 for the steps on setting up licenses and the Grid.




Re: vNIOS grid temp license in 8.2.4

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Hi Malman, 


What is an SOT image? I have tried to join the member to the grid as an HA member and standalone with no luck. Below is the information you asked about






Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 9.10.31 PM.png 




Infoblox > show version

Version : 8.2.4-366880

SN      : 002D7F6CEE7D40468B7CDEE5B2419A12

Hotfix  : N/A

Infoblox > 



After running the wizard from the GUI 


Infoblox > [2018/05/07 00:55:10.284] System restart...


[2018/05/07 00:55:31.056] Infoblox system initializing...

[2018/05/07 00:55:31.421] LAN port IPv4, netmask, gateway

[2018/05/07 00:55:33.376] Contacting the grid master at

[2018/05/07 00:55:37.314] No Grid/NIOS/Multi-Grid Management license for this device.

[2018/05/07 00:55:37.317] System restart: join failure...



Althought, is says no Grid/NIOS/Milti-Grid license, when I try to activate those licenses I received a message that says they are installed (except for Milti-Grid). 


This action will generate a temporary 60-day Add Grid license.

Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y

Grid license already exists - ignoring.



This action will generate a temporary 60-day NIOS (Model IB-V1415) license.

Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y

NIOS (Model IB-1415) license already exists - ignoring.


Select license (1-19) or q to quit: 9


A IB-V1415 has no support for Multi-Grid Management



What I am expecting to see are the options below (option 8)




Re: vNIOS grid temp license in 8.2.4

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The instructions for AWS were clear enough to help me troubleshoot the issue I was having. The vNIOS license is now called NIOS (good to know) and a mistake I made was to not add the grid member to the grid master prior to joining it. noob mistake! Now I will try to virtualize my environement for testing. 


Thank you both for your help!! 

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