vdiscovery errors - what does they mean?

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We have both Network Insight discovery jobs and vDiscovery jobs running and I am seeing some weird errors in syslog on the grid master (which is the vdiscovery member) - are these anything to worry about because I am seeing IP's being marked yellow and "unmanaged" so stuff is getting discovered - I am wondering if Network Insight is discovering the IP information and vdiscovery is having problems merging/adding any data it finds.


Here's a screen shot but generally the error messages say "Ignoring event IpamEvent:ips_seen#14685.1, object x.x.x.x, error: IBDataError: IB.Data:An event processing failed, because no view matches netmri_id = 0."


vdiscovery errors.jpg






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Re: vdiscovery errors - what does they mean?

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This is a logging issue with Network Insight and has been fixed in NIOS 8. It doesnt have to do with vDiscovery




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