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Jun 25 @ 8 am PDT | How Cloud-Managed DDI Radically Simplifies Distributed Networking

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Exploding growth across the distributed enterprise is putting tremendous pressure on existing IT infrastructures and architectures, especially at the edge.


Your Challenge:
The number of distributed locations—and myriad devices within them—are increasing exponentially. Still executives, stakeholders, and users across these environments are demanding greater access, faster response times, and more reliable connections to business applications and services.


What you’ll learn:
This is your chance to discover how BloxOne DDI from Infoblox, the industry’s first and only cloud-managed DDI solution, unites core network services including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management in one comprehensive solution. We’ll show you how it’s built on an innovative microservices and container-based architecture to streamline operations and reduce total cost of ownership. And how that simplifies deployment, management, and control across the distributed enterprise, while optimizing device and user access, availability, and performance.


You’ll also discover how to:

  • Centralize edge-to-cloud provisioning, automation, and policy-based control
  • Guarantee traffic is directed to the closest entry point for SaaS applications
  • Ensure local survivability in the event of network outages
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