Webinar, June 24, 2021: A NetOps View of What it Means to Be Cloud-Native

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Registration Link:  WW region: Jun. 24 at 11am PDT | 2pm EDT


Going Cloud-Native goes beyond hosting some workloads in the cloud. Adopting a Cloud-Native framework requires a shift in mindset for the ways in which your organization designs, builds, and deploys infrastructure. Network teams often look in envy at their DevOps colleagues, wondering how they can realize the benefits of an agile delivery model. Using NetOps principles, you can spark the change necessary to transform both the culture and technology or your organization to achieve your Cloud-Native goals.


Join this webinar to learn:

- What makes for a Cloud-Native network architecture
- How to transform the culture of your organization to a NetOps mindset
- Why a single source of truth is key for NetOps
- Who benefits from integrating DDI automation into their cloud environments

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