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Carving out CIDR for subnets using the Infoblox API

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Is it possible to get the CIDR for subnets for a given network by using the Infoblox API?

Similar to what this tool is doing:


Basically, what the tool does is to divide IP addresses or CIDR notation into subnets.

My question is: does the infoblox API provides this feature.

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Re: Carving out CIDR for subnets using the Infoblox API

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While the API does not have an embedded calculator it is easy to manipulate address space under the network object through the the functions that are available:


  • next_available_network
  • expand_network
  • resize
  • split_network


In most scenarios the language of your choice should provide you with a library to help with subnetting like netaddr for python.

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