MIB Id not receive by snmp server

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Hi All


I just enable snmp traps and sent to external snmp server, but as their checking the Mib Id ( 7779 ) was not received, only recevie 8072 (netsnmp)

2020-11-16 15_38_48-Window.png


as i know, Ib's mib id  is ( 7779 ) as below link

2020-11-16 15_42_34-Window.png


and as doc infoblox, they support for netsnmp


my question


1. is it normal behaviour ?

2. why the snmp server just receive id 8072 ( netsnmp ), is it due to, no event trigerred ?







Re: MIB Id not receive by snmp server

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Hi there, It is normal behaviour until you trigger the event.

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