ACI Rogue EP Control vs HA pair automatic failover

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Hello Everybody, 

I post here because we have had an issue with an HA pair when we was upgrading the ACI.

To explain the architecture, the HA pair are in two different datacenter and have LAN1 and HA connected to one switch. LAN2 (configured like LAN1 redundancy) and MGMT are connected to a different switch.


So during the upgrade, the LAN1 and HA port of the active node was interrupted and the passive tried to become active but the VIP of HA did not appear until we are disabling the rogue ep control on ACI.

The rogue ep control was in default setting (rogue ep control intervalle : 60, rogue ep detection multiplication factor : 4, hold interval (1800).

Have you got the same problem or have you some advice ? 


Kind Regards,

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