Appliances stucked at booting kernel phase after upgrading to 8.5.0

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Hello everybody,


In my test environment I upgraded my Grid system from 8.4.6 to the 8.5.0 version. In my test environment I have virtual 1420 GM and virtual 1420 GMC. During upgrade GM stuck at the booting kernel phase. And I have to reinstall GM and tried to upgrade again, then I can successfully upgrade my system.


Today I tried to change my v1420 GM appliance with v1415. The steps I have done;

-backup Grid config from old Grid Master (v1420)

-restore Grid config to new Grid Master (v1415)

-Change new GM's IP addresses as old ones.

-Then members restart.

-After restart GMC (v1420) again stucked in the booting kernel phase. I am waiting 1,5 hours and nothing happened. 


I have added the screenshoot. Does anyone experience this kind of failure with 8.5.0 version? 







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