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API update fails on networks with extensible attributes of type 'Date'

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I am getting the following failure from status_code() and status_detail() when updating network objects through the API:

1004:Invalid value '1360926060.004' for field value

This is the status I get when executing  session-> modify($network_object) after changing some of the network data (doesn't seem to matter what I change, I  have updated options and network comments, same results).

I have determined that I only have this problem on networks where I have a user-defined extensible attribute set with data type 'Date'.

Has anyone run into this before?

Also, is this the right place to report what appears to be a bug in the API?

Thank you.



Re: API update fails on networks with extensible attributes...

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I haven't seen this before. I'd file a support ticket on this if you think it's an API bug.

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