Access Port With PortFast Disabled

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Did anyone experience  with the "Access Port With PortFast Disabled" in netMRI?

My problem is the "Access Port With PortFast Disabled" just comes and goes.  One day it shows, next day it disappears.  It is NOT consistent and very hard to follow and debug.  And I had this issue opened for for than 6 mos; but it still no clues.  Just back and forth  with netMRI support.

Please advise and share your experences about this issue.  Thanks!

I have been noticing this for

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I have been noticing this for about 2-3 months.  However I'm only seeing it on one interface.  I have not opened a ticket with support yet.  Kind of glad to hear it's not just me.  

You have to manually set it

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You have to manually set it on most switches.  It is generally a best practice setting when it is an access port only (hard coded access port).  I never have the problem of it comign and going.  My issues is getting people to actually set it when/where it needs to be set.


More Detail on Hard Coded Access Port

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Thanks for the info ...

All of my ports are set with "spanning-tree portfast" property.  The issues are with some of Cisco C3750 not all.  We have about 100 C3750 switches on our network.  The errors are coming and going randomly.  My main concern is when it is a real issue .... because I check most of them and found out that they are bogus.


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