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Announcement - Network Automation 6.8.1 GA announcement (12/24/13)

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Infoblox is pleased to announce that the Network Automation 6.8.1 release has been posted to the Support site.  Go to Downloads and select "Network Automation (and NetMRI)" > Latest Product Releases page>Network Automation 6.8.1.  This release includes a number of features and improvements designed for increased supportability and reliability as well as an enhanced customer experience.

Customers are encouraged to update their systems at their earliest convenience.

The NetMRI 6.8 release includes the following customer-oriented features:

  • Device Support data collection feature
    • Guides the user through the process of collecting data to develop a DSB
    • Faster, more complete collection of device data to reduce error-prone manual process
  • System Health monitoring and alerting
    • Displays warnings and alerts for system health for standalone & OC environments
    • Helps users tune their systems to accommodate workloads
  • Capacity Limits
    • Messages to guide user toward optimal configuration of platform and license limits
    • Consistent user experience and good platform performance
  • Support Data Collection automation
    • Automate and streamline file collection process for faster problem resolution
  • OC-Collector Management enhancements
    • Enhance communications between Operation Centers & collectors about health and jobs
    • Better user experience for large deployments

Some very great features were

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Some very great features were added, need to check out the release notes as well.

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