Assistance with Bulk Compare Configuration Files for Two Devices

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I have a situation where we have at least 40 - 50 pairs of switches that don't have the same configuration between the primary and secondary.  I can easily use the Config Management > Archive feature to compare each pair of switches one at a time.  Instead I would like a way to do this in bulk.

Anyone have any ideas on the best way to approach this problem.


Re: Assistance with Bulk

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One way I can figure is write a policy for each pair so you can get an alert when they are different.


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Re: Assistance with Bulk

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I'm presuming that your switch pairs will intentionally have *lots* of config items that should not match -- e.g., IP address, HSRP, STP priority, etc.  So just flagging that they differ will not likely be useful.

IIf I understand what you really desire, you'll need a much more elaborate CPD to verify that required boilerplate is not only identical, but present, in both switches.  And you'll need other logic to verify active/passive, primary/secondary roles in other config statements. That goes well beyond a diff.

Re: Assistance with Bulk

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Marty and Sif,

It makes sense what you are saying.  Any recommendations on an approach. If I write a policy, how do I approach this?

I am bit new to the product, so any advice would be appreciated.


Re: Assistance with Bulk

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Writing a policy will be easier to find wrong/missing statements then attempting to write a CPD/script to do it.The way that I have dealt with policies is the write a rule, put it into a policy, deploy it, and let the dust settle. Fix what can/need to be fixed, then write/add another rule to the policy, and continue the cycle until all of the items you are looking for are included. I do not know if it would do what you want, nor if this is a smart approach, but it has worked thus far.
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