Best Practice for Managing Cisco ASA Cluster in NetMRI.

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We are wondering if anyone has experience managing a Cisco ASA cluster (not in HA, but a cluster with 4 differnet ASAs).  In our setup, not only they are clustered, they also run virtual contexts.


The problem with cluster setup is that cluster virtual IP does not answer to SNMP, only individual local IP does.  However, cluster virtual IP does answer to SSH or Telnet.  Our users like to log into cluster virtual IP via SSH ( because it always hit the active master in the cluster).  But NetMRI can't manage a device without SNMP access.


Any suggestion is appreciated.




Re: Best Practice for Managing Cisco ASA Cluster in NetMRI.

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Since noone else responded, I'll just say that the problem is not clear to me.  NetMRI should discover each of the individual nodes by their unique IPs.  SNMP polling should work fine as you describe.  The fact that your *users* like to connect to the active master via the VIP doesn't seem related to how NetMRI views the members.

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