Best way to trigger rediscovery on device name change?

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We have several thousand devices that we are planning on changing the host names of (routers and switches).  In our lab testing, we noticed that changing the hostname and DNS name was identified by NetMRI in the configuration and issue respectively, however, the device object within NetMRI did not update with the new hostname.  The only way we found to update this was to force a rediscovery of the device.  I was wondering what the best approach would be to do this in bulk?  Is there a way to trigger a rediscovery on an issue being raised (DNS and hostname mismatch)?

Re: Best way to trigger rediscovery on device name change?

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Not sure I get the question correctly or not, but here is my take:


I am assuming your changing hostname in DNS.  In your advanced setting, what is your "Device Name Priority".  Is it set to DNS or SNMP.  If it is set to SNMP,  a rediscovery will be needed (whether manual discovery or let your NetMRI figure out eventually).  If it is set to DNS, there is really nothing you need to do.  Device objects will eventually be updated (take a long to reflect the change though).


One thing to note is that, issue "Device DNS and SNMP sysName Mismatch" is still going to be raised.







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