CCS Script for enable secret password change

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Hey everyone,


Im not sure if this goes here, but I am completely new creating CCS scripts and I was wondering if someone could show me a script that will change the enable secret password on all cisco devices. Thank you!

Re: CCS Script for enable secret password change

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This topic really belongs in the Network Automation group.  "Security" refers to DNS security.


But to answer your question... the CCS Scripting Guide, which can be downloaded from the support site or from within NetMRI's Help under "Additional Documentation", walks through a tutorial that includes examples.  Those build from very simple to more complex.  One of them includes changing passwords on devices -- see if that gives you what you need to know.


There is a set of example files that support the tutorial, both in CCS and Perl.  ATM, I don't recall from where to download them.


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